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Wait for host
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I'm stuck at a wait for host screen. I've tried several different servers from all the different server hosts and I still get the same thing. This hasn't happened until today. I was able to connect to one server. Every other server I tried is stuck on wait for host screen.


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Yes,I am also now having this problem.

This problem has started for me also today, i could join every server yesterday....

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Steam authentication is having issues. They're getting Steam to look into it.
See Rocket's tweet here:

Same problem. Guess problem is in this update. Maybe tomorrow it will be fixed. Don't worry, it's alfa after all. Just don't forget to report.

BUMP. The worst part about this is it completely nukes my internet. After escaping out of "Wait for host" my server browser fails to fill up; frustrated I close DayZ and my internet is taking forever to connect to a website. DayZ is effectively DDoSing my router...