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Cannot join any server
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Have tried 10 different servers now and for some reason it just waits for host. I see others in the server as well. Waiting, waiting. Nothing.


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Just happened, start Dayz and try joining.

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It's an issue with Steam at the moment. They're applying a fix shortly.

I'm having the same issue. Sometimes it will just stick at "waiting for host" and sometimes it will kick me out and say failed to join, or something similar.

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I have the same problem, just saying "Waiting on a server" or just kick me off the server. I have bought this game and I haven't played it sofar.

i also just recently got on and every server but a few show that they are completely full. When i try to join any of them it gives me waiting for host for a long time.???

well only the "connecting to" process is not working players who are still on the server can play the game actually ^^

similar problem happening to me. All servers that i can see are either full or have 0 players in them. Can't join any of them though. Just sticks at waiting for host

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The same, in Serverlist noone is on Server - 0/40

The same All servers are FULL 0n the list but still u can try t0 j0in - Waiting f0r h0st - and n0thing

Can we get an estimated time for this fix ? Really want to play the game it is so much fun !

can we stop creating double posts about this plz.

this is a steam sides problem and they are working to resolve the issue.

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This has been answered like 1000 times. Its a steam problem, rocket has already contacted steam about it

the steam authentication servers have been fixed