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Pay Day Masks
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It seems like the "Pay Day 2" masks slowly kill the person that wears them. It will drain your blood and cause either death or serious damage to you character after an uncertain amount of time.

Tested it with one mask, possible that is also happens with gas masks, since I played at night with full gamma settings and at the next day, when I turned them down again, I was on almost zero blood. (i think is was zero, it was at least really greyish)

Thanks for the game,
greetings from Germany



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Find a "Pay Day 2" mask.

Pick it up.

Drag and drop it into your character window. (head)

Wait and play as usual for a certain amount of time.

Your blood will drop after a while.

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I hope I helped.

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I actually noticed this as well!

But I think it's just because you were actually injured but don't notice the screen desaturating at night rather than the masks draining your blood.

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I also have a payday mask and my screen became all black and white :(

I didn't notice it was because of the mask, I thought it was because of hunger or thirst.

I never got injured so I know for a fact that's not the problem, thing is there's no way to prove its the mask fault either since we cant see our blood level.

Same problem, except all the masks, check out 0001453.

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duplicates of 001453 and 0001985

Infected with something maybe? use disinfectant, not sure if you can use it on masks, haven't tried it.

Hoxtons Dark Magic at play?

Possibly you got an infection from the mask? I know this is intended but AFAIK is not yet implemented.

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The whole "I played at night with full gamma settings and at the next day, when I turned them down again, I was on almost zero blood" part makes this report extremely iffy, you didn't even see your blood go down so how could you possibly blame it on a single piece of clothing..? I have no idea how you even came to this conclusion.

theyre not pay day 2 masks, theyre commonly pay day masks, as the same masks are in pay day 1.