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Can't take screenshot with printscreen key.
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When i try to take a screenshot with the printscreen key (on windows 7) it won't let me capture the game view. Instead it will printscreen another running program.


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Play DayZ
Press Print Screen.
Alt + Tab and start paint.

Now you should see a printscreen of your desktop/other program running instead of DayZ

Additional Information

A fix would be nice since i then can very easily add Images to bug reports.
I haven't tried with third party software yet.

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This will never be fixed because of how DirectX works.

Best alternative is to use Steam's screenshot functionality (F12)

You will need to use Steam as R834 says or Fraps or equivalent recording program that has a built in screenshot feature.

I cant get screen shots either. When I hit "print screen" and try to paste the image it just shows up as a black pic. Guess the Steam Screen cap will work fine tho...have to try when I get home.

As pointed out by R834 and Esoterick you can screenshot with F12 and this is inherent to the behaviour of a steamgame with DirectX.