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Inventory behavior: items disappearing from hands
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I found a defibrillator, had crowbar equipped, unequipped crowbar, took defibrillator in hands, pressed 1 to equip crowbar, defibrillator disappeared. Did not drop on ground, just disappeared. Related: with crowbar in hand, using middle mouse button to perform eat fruit action, does not work, but gives the message, already using something. After unequipping crowbar, fruit automatically appears in hand. Also related: found pristine kiwi on the floor, had crowbar in hand (of course), tried to eat kiwi using middle mouse button, did not work; after unequipping crowbar, pristine kiwi turned into rotten kiwi. (:|)


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Use item with crowbar (maybe other weapons) in hand

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it think there is no other than 'rotten' fruits, and yes its state is pristine as a pristine rotten fruit, have tried to fire on a fruit to see if it could be damaged, could be funny (logic also) though

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the rotten/pristine kiwi has been fixed

if item in hands resides in inventory, item returns to inventory

if item in hands yyou picked up in-hand then it will drop. Dropped items disappearing is a separate issue.