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Nothing happens when you want to write a note or read a note
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You can see an example of this bug in this video:


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This bug happens with every note / paper and pen i got

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Same, I've found notes on the floor and in vicninity, right clicked them and chose "read note" and hit the use key and nothing happens. I've put them into my hands and hit the same key and nothing has happened?

I have met people in game who told me it worked before the first or second update, after that it seems broken, so it might have been broken while fixing another bug.

Unrelated: I hope it works soon :D can't wait to start like a diary

Confirmed it no longer works. Used to work in the first couple days, but hasn't since then.

I miss reading notes from strangers.

It worked just one very first time for me. No longer works.

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Writing notes doesnt work either.

Same here... So many pens and paper I couldnt use or read :'(

In 0.34 is solved. Please close thread.

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Rocket said it should be fixed in the next patch so lets see.

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Like LeAkX said. I guess its because people would abuse it.

Still not working in 0.32.114557

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I think IT got disabled due to racism.

It's bug still on 114008. Please, do anything.