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Drinking directly from wells doesn't seem to do anything
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I drank directly from a well like 10 times and 3 seconds later it says "I really need to drink" so I guess the feature is implemented but isnt doing anything at the moment.

The only think i get is "You drink from the well" but nothing seems to happen.


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Drink from wells

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Do you still have a pre-update character? Haven't gotten any notifications on my char's state so I guess I'll have to get it killed soon. Had the same issue, not knowing if it did actually lower my thirst or not.

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Yes, my char is still from pre-update. I get the notifications but nothing else seems to happen.

PS: I haven't got any Hunger ou Thirst notifications on char's state but I do have "Sick" notification so i guess they are working at some level

3nvy added a comment.Dec 19 2013, 1:02 PM

Seems like having a fresh new character solves this problem. Now i get the Hunger and Thirst notifications and I can confirm that drinking from wells works :)