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Game minimizing with two monitors.
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If you're using two monitors the game appears to be in a half-fullscreen half-windowed mode and no I'm not talking about borderless windowed mode. When you're walking around and moving your mouse, your "real" mouse will move between the two monitors and almost always move to the second one. So, if you open your inventory and close it again without moving the mouse back to the first monitor AND you have your inventory open/close button bound to a button on your mouse, the game will minimize.


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• Bind inventory open/close key to any key on your mouse.
• Move your mouse around for a bit so it's most likely on the second monitor.
• Open inventory, don't move the mouse.
• Close the inventory again with the inventory open/close key.

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Yeah, I have this issue a lot since I have two monitors. So every once in a while when I trying to do something in game and click the left mouse button which is actually on the second screen, it just minimizes the game which can be really annoying since I am just still sitting there in game (maybe getting hit by a zombie, etc.). Maybe add a full screen option so that it doesn't do that for now.

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Can confirm Really irritating at the moment.

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omg this is pissing me off, I play with three monitors and a tv above and I'm ALL THE TIME having the game click off. 2013 and they haven't locked the mouse to the game screen...

i have two monitors and having no issues

@ friendlyfire What happens if you play on the one monitor and have for example TeamSpeak on the other monitor and then go into the inventory and move the mouse in the direction where the other monitor is. For me it just goes over to the other monitor and when I then click something in game, my game minimizes.

Like you i do have teamspeak and other programs running on other screen and when i am playing either moving my head or inventory i see my mouse kind of hovering over items but never in any game for that matter has it caused me to tab out when clicking in game items, in either win 7/8/8.1 either something's wrong with mouse settings in windows. Are you running game in windowed or full screen?

Also in other games ie arms battlefield etc i still see mouse activating items like hovering over items but never has it tabbed me out and that's in full screen, it sounds like you have got windowed option on and not fullscreen

It't obviously the game that's the problem since as you said, in other games the mouse will move to the other monitor and invisibly hover over menus and other clickable "objects", but when you click the mouse it's still in the game. This doesn't happen in DayZ, well it moves to the other monitor, but when you click it actually minimizes the game and clicks whatever you were hovering over instead of activating what ability you've bound the left-click button to.

Like I checked in game and I didn't even see a full screen option. Is there a Steam launch setting for that? But for example with Battlefield I play in windowed borderless too and I don't have the issue with clicking the other screen or seeing that hover over issue.

Dayz default is windowed unless you set launch parameters for it, is it only on days that you experience this issue or does it happen on other games?

you could try using a program called dual monitor tools

you can use it to lock the mouse inside the screen

besides what os are you using? single or sli graphics cards?

I have never heard of that program but it would be nice to not have this issue with the game since I don't have it with any other game.

My specs: Win 7 64bit, i7 930 @ 3.41, 12GB RAM, GTX 590
Settings: SLI enabled, everything in game set kinda lowish since I still have a lot of frame drops in cities but everywhere else I get 70-80 fps.

Also having this same issue... Typical fixes in other games would be windowed borderless mode, because then it won't minimize your game, just change which window is in focus. The other fix would be to lock the mouse inside the window when in the tab menu.

Still having this. Any fix coming up? Any issue reports on this that have more upvotes than this one?

Yes!! I get this issue as well, although I was in Skype with some friends and When I left clicked the mouse showed up on the other screen and was over top the end call button >.>

Yeah it still seems like this issue persists. It seems like it's only affecting a few people, however for those few people it's a huge problem as we all know. So hopefully this issue will get some recognition.

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i have two monitors and having no issues

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also happens you bind player list to a mouse button

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I have the same issue, but only last few days, before having my second monitor enabled did not cause me any troubles. I have not changed anything on my system except regular windows update.
In all other games that I play I don't have problems when both primary and secondary monitors are enabled.

EDIT 20.01.13 22:21: I think I solved my issue with two monitors..I reinstalled my mouse drivers (Logitech g-500) and now it looks ok :))..not 100% sure coz last night after a 1 or 2 hours playing dayz my mouse started to go out of the game again..
tonight it was fine, but I was not playing more than 30mins.

Can someone delete the ad spam?

I'd love to see this getting some attention. I find this a serious issue, at least on my end.

Can we get any response on this? It has been months.

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main akwnoledged issue is here #825

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0000825: Bringing up the inventory on dual monitor setup causes mouse cursor to move outside of the game monitor

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, add any extra information in the notes section, and monitor it for further developments.