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Zombie A.I Walks though walls
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When being Chased by a zombie and you run into a building E.G Hospital, School or normal loot building when the zombie enters the building it can walk though the walls and attack you


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run into a building with a zombie after you (test multiple buildings just to be sure)

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could possibly be to do with the Zombie Path system when in a building

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Confirming this report. Came here to report this also. Zombies are not only clipping through walls but they appear to be ignoring building walls for aggroing via vision and hearing.

  1. Seeing through walls (will check/file another report for this)
  2. Clipping/pathing through walls
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Confirming. I do not have a screenshot or video, but I have had zombies walk through doorways after having the door closed, walk through the ground from torso-level-ground, and completely clip through walls of buildings multiple times (3-4 walls between me and them).

This has to be my biggest problem with the Game atm, when your being Chases by Zombies they just run straight through the building, through doors and fences.
Sometimes they just unexpectedly just ambush you inside a building an I've nearly died many times like this.

A separate issue is occasionally zombies won't make any noise until they've hit you catching you completely of guard, you can't even hear their footsteps.

yes confirmed, the zombies are very ignorant to Objects.

Experiencing this almost constantly. zombies Always run through walls, aswell as the ground. Sometimes half their body stick up through ground or indoors, through the floor. This makes it really hard to kill them while they attack freely and accurately. They also attack through walls

confirm. no chance to escape from a zombie by closing a door .
(this is a problem when you restart after dying and become hunted by a zombie, it makes no fun)

This killed me the first four times I attempted to play the game. Aggrod a Zeke and ran into a home to hide (on the coast) and Zeke clipped through wall and killed me.

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Please refer to primary zombie report at #77