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Game Crashes On Startup
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Whenever i start the game up it loads all of the logo's then after the DayZ logo it crashes and goes to a black screen. It has also done this to Arma3 and i have never been able to fix it. {F28455}


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Game Crash
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running latest windows and everything if fully updated on my computer.

Rar. Containing BIDMP,MDMP,RPT and DXDIAG notepad files

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I have the same issue. I have attempted to run the program as an administrator, but that was unsuccessful. I have deleted everything from steam except steam.exe, and steam_application and that was unsuccessful too. Hopefully we can get this resolved.

Go to your My Docs Folder & delete DayZ + DayZ other profiles folders.
Steam > r/click DayZ, properties, local files, verify game cache.

You will have to reconfigure settings in-game after launch.

If still not working, or it breaks again after quitting DayZ - vote up issue 0000112

Did Not work still crashes after DayZ logo

I'm running Window 8.1 Pro 64Bit, Intel i7 920, DDR3 6GB, GTX 260 SSE and currently running Dayz in compatibility mode. With Vanilla Dayz I was able connect to a server and play. After the current update v0.30.113899, I can launch and reach the game menu but the game crashes once I select play or change server.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

You can monitor this issue's progress here #405