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Items disappearing from hunter backpack
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I've had a total of three different types of backpacks since I started playing. The only one I've had a problem with items disappearing from is the hunter backpack. I made sure I moved all my items into it from the other backpack before picking it up. I had it on my back and I was running around, when I suddenly was kicked from the server. When I logged back in, to my dismay, all but a few of the items in my backpack were missing. Bottle of water, battery, and duct tape were all that stayed.


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Have not had a chance to reproduce it as I have not had a similar set of circumstances occur.

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I'm unsure if the type of backpack had anything to do with it or if me getting kicked was the cause.

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a duplicate of this issue #22321

back then the items got deleted

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0008070: Backpack Item Rearrangement Upon Log out / Log in

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