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Unable to open doors and gates on several servers.
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I am for the moment unable to open doors and gates (every door and gate i have tried opening) on many servers, (I was able to open them yesterday).


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Make sure you're on the right server version. Check which version of the client you're running and make sure the server is the same. You can find the client version on the main menu I believe, and filter for the last numbers in the server browser.

I've validated server and client versions are the same, and still can't interact with doors and ladders. My mouse pointer is a dot instead of the 4 quadrant circle. Also running Windows 8.1 x64. Happens regardless of server. I can interact with items on the ground and pick them up with the mouse. I even deleted and reinstalled from steam, no luck.

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Thanks Marabon, that solved it!

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Resolved by player by updating to correct version.