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M4 RDS blocked when prone
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I got an M4 with the red dot scope on it, bipod and a supressor. I also got a gasmask, some glasses and a ballistic helmet.

Everytime I go prone, and aim down my sights, my screen is blocked by some piece of my clothing, most part of my screen goes black, like I got something in front of my face, blocking my eyes


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Get an M4 with a red dot scope, gasmask and ballistic helmet(I think my head gear causes the issue)

Go prone

Aim down the sights

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YouTube video showing the issue is being uploaded at the following link

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Happens to mee too. When moving while aiming my view is blocked too.
Video shows the problem very good.

That looks like a root of the tree you are prone alongside. Can you do another when you're on the road, I do not have that problem and have a similar gear set up to you.

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My first try was on a hill, no tress, nothing. Then in bushes, on the road, everywhere. At the moment I dont have that gear, but I'll make another video as soon as I get similar equipment