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Weapon Flashlight bugged [can not be attached]
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While looting nwaf and looking for bugs i came across a weapon flashlight i tried putting on my fxn45 to no avail same goes for my m4a1, Now it dose say works with most weapons so it is possible that its not compatible with my weapons although its highly unlikely. A suggestion would be to make multiple models and Label each one with the correct gun type i.e. Pistol, Smg, Shotgun, Rifle ect. {F28410}


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Try to attach the flashlight to one of the guns mentioned above.

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It was found in the atc in nwaf

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I thought the same at first but it actually does work (and is awesome). It needs to be attached to a weapon with a standard rail system. I have one on my M4 but I first needed a front grip with rail.

PS screenshot of the light on my m4 :)

Thanks for the tip, But dose the fxn45 not have a tacrail mounted under barrel? I Saw in the 13th live stream rockets fxn45 had it attached. Just a thought.

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guys pls search before posting.. this one was adressed several times! m4 works fxn doesn't atm