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Food shortage + needing unrealistically often food/water + spawning hungry/thirsty
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This is more an annoyance.

You'll quench your thirst and hunger satisfied, then 2 seconds later the writing will tell you that you are thirsty and hungry. If it at least went like 5-10 minutes before you are suddenly feeling unhappy again, it would be better, because your character moans and groans non-stop about how thirsty and hungry she is, even when you waste extra food and water to make sure she's completely satisfied, without her ever getting satisfied for more than a second or two at the time.'

With a fresh spawn, you would think you'd start on status quo, but even then within the first couple of minutes she'll suddenly "feel faint".

It is a bit frustrating due to often the first couple of towns you find will be completely looted, if you are unlucky and late in the server. Things take too long to re-spawn, meaning you risk finding no food in time before you get unconscious, which is basically a death sentence at this point. The hunger/thirst system is unstable, hard to predict and feels a bit frustrating.


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