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Need an auto-run key please!
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This isn't really an in-game issue that causes any problems, but I would love to see the addition of Auto-run as a hotkey. Traveling comes down to finding an object to put on your 'W' or Up Arrow keys and wait until you arrive at your destination.

I haven't bought the game yet, but my friends say there is still no way to auto-run


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Mate, this is a bug report system. Do you know what bugs are? Go to the suggestions forum, but dont spam a ticket system, devs got enough to do with sorting out the stuff that matters.

And if you did not play the game there is really no reason to lurk arround here, sorry.

actually it's a feedback reporting system.. but thats besides the point

if you want auto run, jam a popsicle stick between the 2 and 3 key on your keyboard and make it jam the W key down, works 100%

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I actually do agree seeing the reality as it is. Often enough you have to traverse long stretches of territory while really only going in a straight line and most people use some form of a autowalk system either physical or virtual. So I would opt for a autowalk and maybe even take this a step further where you can auto-follow a person.

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Same as animation303...just jam something in the W need for a autorun feature atm

Here's a tutorial how you can make your character run automaticly

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I agree and the people nagging at this for not technically being a bug. Its obviously an issue, maybe not high priority but if the game requires so much walking they need an auto run. Not the half opened wine bottle opener resting on the key its a pain

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I realy dont think the game needs an autorun button, that kind of takes away from the experience.

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The only thing it detracts from is RSI. I use the corner of a credit card, btw.