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Thirst is never quenched.
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No matter how many times I drink water from pumps, purified water from bottles, or soda from cans, my thirst is never quenched. The game tells me I'm thirsty almost nonstop. I want to make it clear I'm not complaining, just reporting a bug.


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Every time I play the game and the message comes up that I am thirsty, I drink something. Then the message that says I have consumed the beverage comes up. Almost immediately after this, the message saying I'm thirsty comes up again.

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This happened on the previous version as well as the newest version of the game.

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My apologies. I was corrected and this is not a bug. I did not know that you could continue to eat and drink until a message pops up stating you are full. Can someone mark this as fixed or no bug please? I feel dumb now. I'm sorry for a false report.

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This is a duplicate report and the developers are already aware of this bug/problem.

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