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unreliable hit detection w/fireman's axe
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My weapon is a badly damaged fireman's axe. While crouching/standing I have been next to a zombie/player and hits will not register. I have tried this in 1st/3rd person and have had the same issue. To compare I have used fists and a wood splitting axe without this issue, they connected whenever I had an enemy targeted and was in range. I have noted this behavior twice since I picked up the fireman's axe.


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The fire axe hits off center each time I equip it. This seems to move around each time I play though. sometimes it is off to the right of center, and others it was hitting high above center. You can test by equipping the fire axe and hitting a wall. The hits show up off center.

Try attacking while in a non-combat stance mode. I know that the splitting axe hits at a bad angle when in combat stance, but seems to hit all right when in a non-combat stance mode.