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Can't open any doors or use ladders after new patch
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So I just updated to the new patch. Now I can't enter any buildings unless the door is all ready open. I get no icon or option to open the door. I also can't interact with ladders. I can pick items up ok.


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Try and open a door or use a ladder.

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This was happening to me, too. I realized steam updated my client, but I was playing on a non updated server. Once I switched to the updated servers, everything worked for me again. I hope this helps.

Same, me and a friend sprinted and wiggled at a door until we clipped out of the building we were stuck in.

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I too had this problem. I will try to make sure I log into an updated server. It changed the crosshair from a cricle to a dot - and for whatever reason, you can't interact with doors or objects.

EDIT: It is indeed resolved by being on an updated server with the latest patch!

Same here, having this problem.

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New patch dont work with older servers. So if u have the new patch there will be features there dont work on old patch servers.

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Ensure you are on the latest patch and the server is on a matching version.