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Character returns same spot after death, with gear.
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After an encouter that went south at the Balota airfields jail, i moved to collect my friends gear after he was killed and the other player had supposedly left. He returned right as i began collecting the goods and was shot in the head dead.

I did not hit respawn, instead i hit close or quit (bottom button on ESC menu). This took me to the servers list, i rejoined using the filter by friends to the same server. Entering in, saw the guard shack just E of the Balota airfileds jail and began to question it. During this, shot dead. ?? I go. I again, repeat same method. Same result. Waited a minute, again and soon as entering, side stepped out of the way. Dodged M4 fire till he was empty and began an axe fight, both hit but I go unconcious. Repeat log in again, he is gone and i run for the jail, unconcious. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. Now behind jail, wait unconcious, repeat. Immediatly bandage on entering, player returns during action, axe misses my head, pull my axe, swipe swipe, Lt Dan has no legs now. He dies and his body disappeara, probably combat log.

Now, after like eh 30 relogs, 3-5 fights with the same person, and death out the ying yang, I am back just low blood and missing my compass. Still have all my gear minus that, still on the airfield.

Will repeat method tonight using different servers and logging out of one server I die on and logging into a new server.


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Hit close (bottom button on ESC menu) after death.

Currently, return to previous server.

Will return in sopt of death, full gear unless you are looted (gear part unconfirmed)

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Continuing to investigate, will load video later

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As of 12/18, seems to be fixed as far as spawning back in and having a new soawn upon death. This works with both exit and respawn. New issue will be posted. Upon exiting the server instead if respawning, your dead body will disappear as if you combat logged. This is a pain if yhnwant to loot a foe you kill or return to your cold dead corpse and scavenge your goodies.

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