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Flash Light Attachment.
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it says that it can be attached to most weapons, however i have pistol and M4... and neither can it be attached to. {F28390}


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Does your M4 have the normal handguard or the RIS hanguard?

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Normal, Bi-pod got attached, so I assume that so does flashlight. and even if not on M4 why .45 pistol will not take it?

Bipods in RL are designed for both bayonet lug attachment or rail attachment, so attaching without a special handguard is probably intended.

I have also been unable to attach the weapon flashlight to the M4 with RIS handguard attached.

*edit* I misspoke. I had the MP handguard (with the holes but no rails). I was able to attach it to the RIS handguard.

Would be nice if you could find picatinny rails somewhere to screw into the MP handguard :)

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if you drag the flashlight onto the ris while holding the m4 in your hand it works...

[Confirmed] In the attached photo, the Flashlight works with the RIS rail.