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UPDATE***Can't select with left click in action menu (when scrolling for different actions)
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When you try to select another action from the selection menu nothing happens, i've tryied changing the button mapping from primary to space or whatever nothing works

UPDATE**** Can see any actions besides the one i can do with the stuf in my hands (LOL) (example I have flashlight and im close to a door i want to open the door but when i press f the only action available is turn flashlight on)


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Go close to a door or anything to trigger an action
Scroll with mouse to open action menu
click on close door when selected
nothing happens

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I am very beautiful

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I agree with this. For example, I have the flashlight equipped and scroll my mouse wheel. The option to turn it on/off is there but when I click it nothing happens!

I would like to bump this as well. I can use the F/Middle mouse to use default actions, but I cannot use any key to use the selected action in the scroll menu.

Click the middle mouse button. press on it to select the default action.

The scroll wheel is also a button.

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Xinthian we know thta we are talking about selecteting another action not the default one with the primary mouse button

Sorry, I have must have misread then.

Just to make it a bit clearer for the devs. They are only human and I can understand that if I might not get it, they might not get it either (not saying they are dumb or anything OR that I am smart but still)

You stand near a door and scroll mouse wheel.
You get 2 options (2 because in your report you say "another") correct me if I'm wrong though.

Open/Close door
Turn on Flashlight

Selecting one of these with "Middle Mouse Button" or "F" does nothing for you?

  • Remapping the key does not work.
  • OP is beautifull

Reading now, I guess the scroll wheel works, but I used F and that worked for me as well.

I am able to use the default action binding (bound to F/MiddleMouse by default), but I cannot use the selected action binding (bound to PrimaryMouse by default). So unless what I want to do is the first suggested action when hovering over the item, I am in a pickle.

i cant use my left click button for anything, i go to pick something up, i can scroll to get the options but it wont it wont let me click on one. i can put something in my hands like an axe/ flashlight and im not able to use it

I was able to fix the issue by deleting my 'DayZ' and 'DayZ Other Profiles' folders in 'Documents'. Anyone else with this issue should try it as well.

thanks for the advice however it didnt work on my end it only reinitialzed my settings !

Xinthian thanks sorry if it wasnt clear english isnt my first languages so its harder to make a good summary