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Player footsteps should make more noise
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Players footsteps don't make enough noise (any noise?). I've often come face to face with another player when turning a corner and having no idea that they were there, and neither did they. Even sneaking should make at least a little noise at close quarters.

Also, on a number of occasions I happened to see someone nearby while in a building. I hid in the shadows and waited until they were gone -- or tried to. I couldn't hear anything to indicate anyone was walking around. Meanwhile, I could hear them opening a soda and eating nearby.


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yeah i find this to be very serious issue in game like DayZ. I was testing it with my friend the other day and even climbing ladders make very very silent sound that is impossible to hear because sounds of environment are much louder.

@harkonian you should add Tags like "sound" "footsteps" to this report, it will be easier to find for others

I don't think footsteps should generally be louder. I think it should depend on how much weight you carry in your backpack. So completly empty and crouching shouldn't be audible at all, while sprinting with backpack full of goodies should be loud as hell, especially in the night time.

What is your sound sampling rate in [Right click speaker in tray > Playback Devices > double click your active device > Advanced]

I very rarely hear footsteps as well and i'm on 24 bit 48000Hz

Yeah this is really annoying - I was walking through a city and everything was completely silent until I saw "You feel warm blood on your clothes" and looked around to notice a guy axeing me. Footsteps for sure need to be louder, I'm excited to see what their new sound guy will do.

This is news to me, cause in FPS mode it seems like our footsteps are ALWAYS loud, but now you say otherwise. I trust your judgement, but I feel like the sounds of the footsteps needs to be solved both in FPS and when dealing with other players.

FPS: seems loud
Hearing other players: too quiet.

There needs to be a middle ground.

there also needs to be a way to combat this, making sneaking a thing. Wearing certain shoes or socks to muffle sound. Etc

Ambiance can make or break a game. This is an important issue and should be raised in priority!

Whats-his-name was spot on, footstep volume should be modified by weight carried, speed of movement, and type of footwear.

Taking shoes off altogether should have the greatest effect, and the audible range of anything should be increased at night time.

That last bit is perhaps worthy of a separate mention.

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the problem here is your own footsteps are too loud and the others are ok. I often have the problem that I turn around on the spot and my own footsteps make me wonder whether there is someone else walking nearby or not.

Make own footsteps less loud and other people's footsteps leave the loudness as they are.

Correctly implementating this would finally give looking for new or certain shoes (or even crafting them) a real gameplay-wise value.

Ever ran in heavy boots? Yup, you'll make a lot of noise, even if you try to avoid it. Jogging shoes or mokassins should have much better stealth capabilities, while providing much less of a warming factor than, say, combat or working boots.

Wellies will keep you dry, sure, but have you ever tried to run in some? They should squeak. Loudly. As should damaged shoes!

I think the noise of footsteps are OK.

But eating is way too loud!!

I get footseps quite good, though should make some more tries to make sure enviromental distance. Anyway, food and drink noises are way too loud.

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Footstep noises are quite loud. I think the problem is most people just don't stop talking long enough to listen.

You can clearly hear people running around buildings, up ladders, up stairs, across pavement. It's very audible. The problem is people not being conscious of it because they're so used to CoD style footsteps with perks to enhance the noise.

Hell, go to the new prison island - you can hear people from anywhere in that building. If you can't then the problem is you, not the game.

This needs to be fixed!

Especially in doors. If you've just went trough some water or wet ground, the floors inside buildings should make screeching noise while you walk. Well, it depends on what you walk on. But still.

+ When you're in an area with trees nearby, you should hear sticks crack while you walk. Of course your speed depends on how much noise you make.

There's nothing to be "fixed". The footsteps make a realistic amount of noise.

Go walk through a building. Right now, get up and walk through a building. How much noise did you make? Probably not all that much.

Go walk outside on the pavement - how much noise did you make? Probably not all that much.

Go to the local track and stand at the gate, listen to the footsteps of people running laps - do they sound like they're wearing clown shoes? They'll be a bit more audible than someone leisurely strolling down the sidewalk, but they won't be incredibly loud.

The footsteps in this game are realistic. Going up a staircase is a deathtrap if you're in an area with players nearby. Running through woods you know are occupied is terrifying, even trying to sneak is scary because the amount of noise you make is horrendous.

Just the act of crouching and uncrouching makes a noise. Crawling makes noise. I can be in the military prison, top floor and my buddy can be on the bottom floor opposite corner and I'll hear him stand up from the crouching position.

If you can't hear that, the game isn't to blame, it is your lack of awareness.

A note to the devs:

DayZ is a very challenging game. There is a learning curve which is part of the appeal. It takes time to master. Few people start playing DayZ and pick it up immediately. Most die several if not dozens of times before they realize mistake after mistake and improve their actions.

If you cater to the loud minority whining about "footsteps being too quiet", you're ignoring the quiet majority who think they're just fine. Further, you're making the game less of a challenge and therefore less fun. You'd be making the game more akin to Call of Duty, something DayZ is incredibly far from being.

Since day one people have complained about "too little loot" or "too much KoS" or "too much military gear", etc. Again, these are typically the less skilled players who have not learned to adapt to the world of DayZ. Don't change the game and make it less of a challenge just because they refuse to improve their abilities and certainly don't nerf the game for those who have learned to be better than most. If you suddenly cut the challenge of DayZ in half, everyone who worked hard to learn to be good is suddenly on even terms with those who were too lazy and whined louder, which just isn't fair.

tl;dr: Stop whining and learn to listen, the sound is just fine. If others can hear footsteps down the street and through buildings, you can too. Don't talk so much and you'd hear more.