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Loot falls
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If you're replacing one item in your inventory to another, the old one can fall under the floor. I think that happens only in buildings with basement such as barracks in Krasnostav airfield. If you try it on the second floor, you can pick up your loot on the first, but there is no way to look through the basement so "first floor drops" will be unavailable.
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I've noticed that issue (several times) when accidentally replaced first aid kit to some pills - result: pills in inventory, med kit "underground" without any chances to take it back.

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PS I think loot slips through the model of floor because of sizes: when one item from inventory (large) takes place of another item on the floor (small) - it appears inside the floor model, passing through solid border.

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Yep, had the same there. My ammo box was falling "behind" the wall in basement floor after putting it on the ground to grab some ammo out of it

Sorry. I've read 11 pages and haven't seen your (same) issue.

This is now seems to be fixed in stable build 0.33.114926 dropping items are on the floor in front of you

This is still happening on the experimental build 0.33.114926, when at the north west airfield near Vybor I was in the building with the holding cell and office on the ground floor and upstairs is a room with 3 bunk beds and some lockers next to them, I was upstairs in the hallway and the room with bunk bed in, swapped some items or dropped them out of my inventory and they just disappeared, went downstairs and they had fell through the floor

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This has been reported previously - make sure to search before opening new issues.

I am closing this as duplicate of #0000018: Dropped Loot (dropping through floors.)