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Vicinity Area needs to be increased
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the vicinity area for the inventory needs to be increased
impossible to get certain items on top\under\In game world objects
(car trunks, bookshelf, cabinets, under beds, shelfs)


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I think it should be removed because it makes looting hidden items too easy. But then there would be a problem finding things you drop in grass and so on. They just need to remake the whole thing and I think Roket said its one the To Do list

I have issues looking at and standing directly on top of an object and it not showing up in vicinity window.

Not sure whether to up vote this or not. I think the real issue is there is no consistency with it. Sometimes I can see things around me, other times I have to be standing on them, and still other times I can't get an item to show up for the life of me.

It wouldn't be so bad except for I have to be so precise when picking something up by placing my cursor directly on it.