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All my servers are nighttime.
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Every server I've gone into has been night time over the past 24 hours. I've tried going into many different servers throughout the entire day, and every single one has been nighttime. It should day time in the server, however every single server is dark.


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this is likely because the server Actual time shows that its night , EX server located in New york time is 21:00 it is night in new york so it is night in the game. This is how the mod worked so i assume its the same

No thats not the issue. I tried when it was 11am here in New York City, and the game still showed me as playing in night. When i first log into the game, my screen shows as if it is "light" outside, then after about 3 seconds it switches to nighttime. I even got into servers that are over seas (and currently daytime) and it did the same exact thing.

KZufall added a subscriber: KZufall.May 8 2016, 2:17 PM

I have the same problem, every server ive logged into and spent hrs in the server, just been night the whole time

Same issue here also, I played a lot yesterday and all day today and it was night constantly.

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Servers are locked to EU time. So if you are east coast and want to play day time play after 3am

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Fix the day/night cycles, this is not OK.

Possible duplicate of :

NB :I agree with you, they should try another day/night system.

Duplicate of #285 (Too Many Night Servers [PRIMARY REPORT])