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Multiple items of same type being confused by hot-bar.
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When I have two empty plastic water bottles, and I put them both on my hot bar; one full, one empty and I use my hotbars.. it was always grabbing the empty one. Even if I took it off the hotbar or put it down and picked it back up after replacing the water bottle.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put two separate water bottles on your hot-bar.
  1. Fill both up.
  1. Drink one until it's empty.
  1. Try to use the hotbar to switch to new water-bottle.
  • This can be successfully circumvented by opening inventory and dragging the water bottle directly to your hand, or by right-clicking the water bottle you wish to drink from.

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Hi TheWatcher,

thanks for your feedback. This is a duplicate of #9 (Hotbar (Using Non specific item)).

Please use the search function to check if an issue already exists before posting a new one.

Refer to the original to provide additional information on the issue. Thanks.

The hotbar cannot distinguish yet, so it takes the <b><i>first</i></b> (upper or more left) instance of that item in your whole inventory, no matter whether you dragged two different on the hotbar.

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