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Boxes falling through the floor in buildings
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All boxes (Small Protector Case, Ammo Box etc.) falling through the floor if you are in a building higher then the ground outside! I've lost all my ammunition because i tried to grab some ammo from it and it fell through the floor.


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In every case on floors above the ground, boxes falling through and it is only reachable if there is a floor below that or the ground

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To grab something out of the boxes, you have to place it again on the ground to open it and put the box after that back in your inventory!

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Actually it was in one of the "Prison Buildings" on the northeast airstrip. I fell through the floor and i can see it if i aiming with the pistol against the wall and lean rights, so i can look "behind" the wall and there is my box 15cm away from me but unreachable :(

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This has been reported previously - make sure to search before opening new issues.

I am closing this as duplicate of #0000018: Dropped Loot (dropping through floors.)