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Floating items
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Saw a pair of boots floating in the middle of a house near electro {F28341} {F28342} {F28343}


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Please provide more accurate information and screenshots if possible.

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Ok I have a couple of items and locations that they seem to do this.

Kiwifruit that spawns in barracks.
Shovels that spawn in military buildings.

Anywhere outside seems to be spawning things in wierd locations in air. Sunken into ground. and sometimes just sticking out of walls. I dont think this is a major issue but a down the track problem to be looked into.


Ive witnessed floating Items (paper) in the church building in Elektro on the stage where the 3 church altars are positioned. It appears the items are floating above the altars they are supposed to be situated upon

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  1. 2013-12-20_00008.jpg - Church in Elektrozavodsk
  2. 2013-12-20_00004.jpg & 2013-12-20_00005.jpg - one house in Elektrozavodsk