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suggestion: (inconvenient flashlight) shoulder flashlight mount (not a spacebar issue, meh)
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Flashlight is extremely inconvenient.
Something should be done.

All will be happy if there will be possibility to wear it on the shoulder, see pic. Now it feels like holding giant brick, so, well, nighttime is horrible. {F28307} {F28308} {F28309}


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there is a forehead flashlight in game

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There is, but it doesn't make default flashlight good to use. I'm not talking about NEW item, i'm talking about modifying default flashlight so it can be attached to clothes, may be with scotch tape or something like that.

Did you even try to use default flashlight at night?

Again, this report is about two things:
1)Default flashlight is inconvenient.
2)Suggestion to make it more useful.

Yeah, making a possibility to attach it with scotch tape is a good and realistic idea.
Ive used flashlight at night yesterday a hour or two, it seemed ok, but it gives a bit small ray while being close to an object.

I support this.