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shovel doesnt even hit and the rest melees are bugged
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yep shovel doesnt work ,it doesnt hit zombies or players .As for the other ,like the bat i used ,when you try to hit ,it either pass through or it hits but you dont know if it hits or not .You dont know where to aim


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use the shovel to kill a zombie or another player . use the bat to kill a zombie or another player

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All melee weapons are bugged, kitchen knife and hammer both do not swing at all!

fist are not killing zombies either not even hitting them

Shovel, Bat, Fists, Crowbar, Knife, Wrench and Screwdriver all do the same amount of damage. You CAN kill a zombie with it, but it just takes a hell of a lot of hits. They are only good for hitting zombies in the head and knocking them out with it.