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Server browser renders no results.
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After installing the DayZ Standalone from the steam store and loading it up to the main menu, I press play and it brings me to the server browser with empty results. I press the internet tab on the top left and no servers appear. I've tried changing the filter and typing in names of servers and nothing comes up. {F28298}


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First time loading up from installation from steam store.

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Same problem here, worked 10 minutes ago. Restarted application, restarted steam, restarted PC.

Got the same problem right now, i did work before tough! I think there might be some problems with the main server right now..

Me and 3 of my friends cant join now... but we played 10 mins bevore

Same problem here atm (19;57 GMT +1)

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Same goes for me, was playing earlier today and yesterday and all was fine but this evening no servers are showing. Although I can see a few servers in my history, and my friends are having no problem seeing all the servers.

i have the same problem... sometimes it worked to restart the Computer, but not always

I've tried every solution available on this website and nothing is working. I think my problem is separate from many of your's.

I KNOW WHATS WRONG NOW!! :) you have to start steam in online mode :)

That's a given. Any real solutions?.

yeah same happens here. worst bug so far. cant even play to get any other shit bugs.

I have had the same problem in the past, disabling my routers firewall has fixed it completely. Unsure which part of firewall exactly, just disabled the whole thing.

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I got the same problem. Please DayZpeople do something!


this ticket is pretty old and might have been related to a steam problem at that time you reported it. I'm assuming it's not a problem anymore.

Also, when your issue should have been resolved (or "resolves itself") meanwhile, please close your ticket to keep the feedback tracker from needlessly filling up. Thanks.