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In-Game Objects Glitching
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So, I bought the game like 1 hour ago, when I spawned I saw the objects (houses, mountains, ...) glitching, they were flashing with like 20 different colors per second, if I was epileptic I would have had an epileptic attack by now.
Here are the images that prove what I'm saying:

(Sorry but I dont have the images in a file, they are on my steam page)


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Everytime Im in the game.

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I dont have any video for now, but my steam page, where u can see the screenshots is here:

My brother is playing perfectly without any of this glitches.

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Duplicate of 60. Possible fixes in Notes section.

And you have the screenshots also on your HD! Try to look here:
If this links dont exist, search in the userdata folder for the term "221100" as its the games ID ;)