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Character Reset
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I was playing on a server, running around Chernogorsk with some pretty good gear. I got the "No message received for..." indication and it disconnected me from the server. I attempted to relog to find I was on the coast with nothing but the starting gear. I quickly disconnected and joined a different server to see if it would give me my inventory back but I was still on the coast with nothing.


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Without starting another issue.. I have now randomly lost 4 fully equipped chars.. Even for an Alpha that's really bad..

It might be a good idea to consolidate feedback and votes on a single copy of this issue so we get maximum visibility on it.

That's the oldest submission, and currently has the most votes. Vote it up and leave notes with your own experiences.

i have a question about this issue. this has happened to me all the time. i get some gear and i must to leave (lunch, sleep or whatever) when i login again, i always respawn in the beach with nothing, its part of the alpha or what?

Duplicate of #78 (Character save loss [PRIMARY REPORT]).

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