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Audio channels changes all the time
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The Surround sound is changing all the time. I'm note entirely sure how but there is something which is not working properly. maybe switching between surround and stereo.

Im using the G35 from Logitech


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usually in the main menue all the time and sometimes while playing

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same for me, with g35

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Similar issue, if I switch the audio channel from my speakers to my headset or vice versa while in game, it breaks the audio from the game. Have to close DayZ and then switch back and forth to get it to work properly.

Sound card is SoundBlaster Z and headset is Razer Carcharias

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I'm not switching the audio device thats a problem since Arma 1 but not really important for me.
I play usually with my headset and its all the time. When i hear the wind or waves from the coast you can clearly realise it, because its an continuous sound.

Get same issue with my G35

But, looks like it is problem in logitech drivers for Win8. Same headset works perfectly on Win7 64bit system.

There are also other sucj reports in Internet about this problem with Win8 and G35 (for other games)

Brokunn added a subscriber: Brokunn.May 8 2016, 2:12 PM

Same issue on my Logitech G930 - there's a definite low, medium, high cycle happening with the background noise. Most noticeable on the log-in screen or during rain storms.