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Can openers and other legends. Kitchen Knife (Butterknife or something) isnt working either.
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My character was hungry and I glady found a house which not got looted a while ago so I find backed beans and tuna.

I am sure you wanted to keep it realistic with that "idea" BUT every housekeeping contains a can opener or sometimes too. But your houses are empty most of the time. A Player should be able to find a can opener easier then that. Havent even seen one within 2 days of playing. Pls overthink that or add more solutions to open them. Maybe with a knife, or with an Axe. (Thats possible even if you would loose some % of the food.


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The problem is ubiquitous so there is no need to reproduce it.

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Take yourself a moment and try to think about what will be if there are lots of Zeds in and around houses. Yes, it will take more time to enter, sneak or fight and I am very sure movin quick and battle will make you a lot hungrier.
That means the problem of agressive starving could intensivy itself if that just is possible actually.
This Idea with the can opener needs a complete overhaul or another approach.

Thank you for your time
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Almost every item that makes sense can open cans now.

Cans can be opened with various sharp tools (including axe, knife, bayonet etc.)