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Swapping pants containing held item to ground restricts me from moving that item to new pants
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My flashlight is in my pants container, and I have it equipped. There are pants on the ground, which are empty. If I swap my pants (which contain the flashlight) with the empty pants on the ground while the flashlight is in my hands, I am then unable to move the flashlight inventory object to the new pants.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put flashlight in pants container
  2. Put flashlight in hands
  3. Using the tab inventory, drag-n-drop swap filled pants with empty pants on ground
  4. Attempt to drag the flashlight object from old pants to new pants
Additional Information

I can workaround this by clicking the "X" on the flashlight, which removes it from my "hands", and am then able to move it to the new pants.

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Additional note to this issue: While the flashlight is still in your hands but no longer in your inventory (following steps in issue), the flashlight can still be used (turned on/off) until replaced with another item in hands.

I found another work around for this. Drag the flash light from the pants on the ground ontop of another item (like tuna) in the pants being worn. It will bump the tuna to the old pants and successfully move the flashlight to the new pants.

Then the tuna can be moved like normal to the new pants.

I can confirm this bug. The workaround works for now though.

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I just tried this.

having item in hand and dropping clothes that contain the item drops the item too

having item in hand and swapping clothing that holds the item drops the item from hands

This is fixed.