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Door Open Toggle on Wrong Elevation (Title Edit)
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EDIT: Door Toggle Message available on different elevation above/below operable door.


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EDIT: Possibly any multi-story building with operable doors.

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sometimes you get the open/close action for other objects/doors than the one you are aiming at (like doors in lower building levels)... thats probably the case here aswell!

edit: if you look at arma 2&3 thats a commonly known problem of the action system

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Welp, I will verify ^ that tonight. Quite possibly could have been the issue. Makes sense given location of doors on floors above/below.

Edit: This seems to be the case, after verifying.

Can confirm this for doors on different elevation above/below operable door.

Yes, this certainly seems to happen in a few types of houses as well.

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Duplicate of #465