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When a player is killed another by player the body continues to slide and will glitch back to original death location and repeat
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I've observed this twice now, not sure what other factors contribute ... I've witnessed it happened to another player when killed by another (not me) and their corpse continued to slide an additional 15 feet, then glitch back to where they originally died and slide the 15 feet again. This continued to repeat the entire time I was there.

The second occurrence I killed a player and their body slid out the 2nd floor balcony of a building and to the ground below, and continued to repeat that cycle until I left.

Both players were killed by melee.


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Kill other players.

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This is a duplicate of 0000279.

It occurs regardless of whether or not the kill is performed by another player. It also occurs if only an unconscious state is reached, even if this happens due to lack of water/food.

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