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Even when zeds' line of sight is interupted. He can see you and will follow you.
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When I pool a zed and sprint away. (distance between us is about 30 meters) I throw myself behind a corner of a building , etc in prone position. Still, the zed is capable of seeing me as he runs around the corner and just hits me till I'm dead.


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Just pool a zombie, run away into a building or behind some walls, keep low profile and you will see he will find you!

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This makes it really impossible to run away from zeds when you have no gun, no axe, whatsoever.

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The zombies work on a check point system, Your character will make checkpoints as he walks and the zombies follow those checkpoints. If the zombie looses sight it will follow X number more checkpoints until he stops following.

Although that maybe true. Zeds seem to see me through walls, that is how they become agroed.

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They can see you through walls because they're not fixed to not go through walls yet. They don't perceive walls as being solid objects so they see and run through them.

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