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Poor performance related to buildings
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First let me start with system specs:

3570k @ 4.4Ghz
16GB DDR3 2400Mhz
GTX Titan 6GB
120GB Corsair SSD where the game lives

My performance varies between smooth (60-120fps) and awful (<25fps) and always when looking at buildings or being in them. This is irrelevant of settings as I was running everything on stock settings at the time and bumped them up later with no change in performance.

I'm fairly competent with the A2/OA tweaks so I've done everything from gpu max frames ahead to the w buffer, changing field of view, everything under the sun.


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Play the game, find an area with buildings and monitor performance when looking at them and when looking away

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Looking at the sky or ceiling should result in fairly decent framerates

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Same with AMD 7970 GHz and Phenom II @3.5 GHz.
There are lots of duplicates of this bug report btw.
Something about the Buildings/loot and many objects in one place is really badly implemented.