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Dead Players barely lootable
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At the moment it is very hard to loot corpses. You must search for the weapon icon. There is just a very small hitbox where you can access the dead players inventory. Also most of the dead bodys dissappear. Maybe this is caused by disconnecting to fast.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Kill a Player
  2. Try to loot him

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I've experienced this as well. The most reliable hit box seems to be located right in the center of their butt. Dev joke? I think overall this creates an issue for gameplay when people are desiring to loot quickly and they are searching for the gear sign.

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The same problem. I don't know if player disconnected or body disappear.

New icons for searching bodies would be nice also :) Rather than the old school Arma2 item Icon

Some bodies seem to despawn almost instantly.

The reason why bodies despawn is because the respawn feature is messed up so the player has to leave the server in order to start playing agian.