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Stuck "inside" building
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Was exploring Elektro when I somehow found my self on the other side of a un-openable door (iron bars, stairs on other side). Tried to pick up items in front of door and just sort of "fell thruough". I was then inside the building looking out through the walls, couldn't get out. Re-logging into any server and was still there. Character seems to be resilient since not dying or going unconscious so I could respawn. Building is located in Elektro (see attached .jpg map) next to southbound road from power plant on the eastern side of road. The school is directly opposite. It is the building closest to the hill (no other buildings on the eastern side). I had people come by who saw my light and they tried killing me but couldn't. {F28232}


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Haven't got out yet so dunno if I can reproduce.

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Gameversion is Standalone (not 1.0). Someone please come kill me :)

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I can take a screenshot once I get home (this happened late last night, so didnt post it then). That should be in 12 hoursish....

I've witnessed passed out players stuck inside walls upon revive, and also players moving through walls/being pushed through walls during regular play. -- see "SomaPlays" stream on from 12/16 immediately after SA release for video proof.

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go prone and crawl out, had the same problem. try all sides but i got out fast after crawling.

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Nope.. trust me tried crawling, crouching running, jumping at all locations... Just couldn't get out. Gave up after 30 mins. Also left my character there game idling for over an hour if I could die but didn't happen yet (as went to sleep and to work).

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Update: Lost conciousness due to thirst. Respawned. Not keen on trying to replicate and getting stuck again :D

This happened to me. Try logging into a different server and while you're waiting for you to spawn in, hold W, sprint if you can. Collisions seem to be off/glitchey while loading in. I did this to get unstuck.

Duplicate of #0000101

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We all profit from that. :-)


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We are aware of this issue, please refer to: #101 for further informations and development.

Thank you for your feedback.