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Stuck behind blinds in church-elektro
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After being knocked unconscious in an intense 4 person brawl with 4 guys in the elektro church, I waited a bit to see how long it would take to regain consciousness. I alt tabbed out, and when I came back I was still on the ground and couldn't move, thought i might have still been knocked out, or broken legs or something like that. So I was going to just respawn but I couldn't. So I waited about ten minutes longer.

After that I logged and went to a different server, this time I was up but stuck behind the blinds behind the preacher podium in the church. I tried vaulting past them and stuff but couldn't get out. I still can't respawn so I'm just stuck back there. No matter what server I go on it's the same. When I was knocked out I was in in the middle of the church floor, not near the blinds.

Edit: Found a guy to kill me through the blinds and I could respawn


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I got this issue too when i was attacked by some zombies there, tried to move against the wall, glitched right trough it, couldn't get out anymore and was killed by the zombies in the process ^^. As far as i know there is the opportunity too press esc -> restart too kill yourself too.

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Closing as duplicate of more popular report