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Unable to use rifle bayonet
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I have only found the bayonet once, so I haven't been able to reproduce this. I can attach the bayonet to a rifle (Mosin-Nagant) fine and it properly appears on the character's gun. But, when I pull out the rifle, I am unable to thrust/jab at all. I tried using "T" to toggle fire mode, but that didn't help. Primary fire, of course, discharges a round from the rifle.


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Steps To Reproduce

Equip mosin
drag bayonet on top of mosin in inventory
click "use with mosin nagant"
equip weapon in hands

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I found the M9 bayonet and successfully fixed it to an M4. I could see the bayonet fine, but could also not toggle 'T' a fire mode that allowed me to use it.

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Functionality has not yet been added and is scheduled for a later date.