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List of bugs I found on 3 hours of gameplay :) some you may know about!
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-some items still hover in the air.
-some items doesnt show right click info, like cans when you have a can opener, you then have to drag the opener on top of them to open them.
-some doors, mostly sheds wont let me walk out straight, I will then have to on my knees to walk out.
-zombies just stand completely still everywhere.
-flashlight's light goes trough walls.
-can use "payday" mask beneath motorcycle helmet (intended?)
-haven't tested but heard: can put backpack inside equipped backpack and fil it with stuff. (intended?..)
-zombie corpses despawn instantly


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I guess this is the place to report during the alpha to help you guys out

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Up-voted, but you should probably separate different bugs, and possibly obvious/verifiable occurrences. Not all zombies stand still. Can opener mechanic is possibly intended as there probably aren't checks currently to interact with other items in your inventory through right click.

Backpack thing is pretty fubar though, good catch.

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I can roger those bugs.

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All of these bugs have already been confirmed or reported and are being looked at.

Please check the 'How-to' at the top of the page which will show you the format that bug reports should be submitted with.

You should also use the 'Filter' field to search for keywords of existing reports.