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Flash Light Malfunction
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The flash light will work for a while, being able to turn it on and off. But after a short while the flashlight will either stop turning on or stop turning off. Also cannot put it away when this happens. And sometimes the command "Turn On" or "Turn Off" will not appear on screen either.


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Simply play for a short while with the flash light. (Mainly night time on servers)

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Also, I have an issue where the flashlight is pointing way down to the left??? I believe I may have it equipped in my left hand. Still, this is not realistic. A person holding a flashlight in either hand points the thing straight ahead, they don't twist their entire body so their head can see where the flashlight is pointing.

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@ Biceps: They also hit spacebar so they raise the flashlight up in front of them so it's pointing straight.

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Hand held lamp won't illuminate after hour of play. Bulb lights, can be turned on/off, but will not fill room with light. Badly damaged lamp becomes pristine when moved to quick bar.

Internet connection affects it. but it still happens even with a good connection.