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7.1 Surround Sound With Logitech G930 Headset Problems
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Using 7.1 surround sound setting on the Logitech G930 headset gives quite often some kind of distortion in the sound, like small cracking sounds as the if the sound goes out of sync. Really noticable with the waves on the beach. Switching the headset to Stereo setting does fix that issue.


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Simply use the headset and put it in 7.1 mode, by using the switch on the backside of the headset.

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This is an bug that's still in ARMA 2, and probably was ported over (since I reckon it's the same sound code or simular).

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With Logitech G35 and Windows 8 I get same problems. Sounds often is distorted. Ocean sounds and sound of wind in forests sometimes randomly changes volume or crack/distort. I get same results in Arma2 with DayZ mod.

On another computer with Windows 7 sound is ok in both DayZ Standalone and Mod

Looks like problem with Logitech drivers what is not working correctly on Win8 - there are many reports in Internet for such problems with G35 and Win8 in other games

Closing this as it seems to be a driver issue with Logitech's software, and not related to DayZ