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Unconscious body sliding on the ground
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I was with a friend when I passed out from hunger. According to my friend, my body slid indefinitely across the ground. My adventure as an unconscious body seemed to have no end, so I ended up respawning.


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Same thing happened with us with corpses on going unconscious

Would slide through walls and floors.

I found after waking up, logging out and then back in stops the sliding.

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Same thing, but we think it was a dead person, not unconscious (this is uncertain, eventho me and a friend tried to kill it best we could). It also did not go through trees or walls, but eventually collided with a tree so we were able to loot it.

The body can be slowed by an object it runs into (e.g. a wall, another player, etc). Because of the sliding, my ability to use a defibrillator on an unconscious player is negated, because they don't stay still long enough for the animation to complete.

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+1. I killed a man and couldn't loot because of that.

same fail here

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This happens to me every time I get knocked unconscious.

When I finally wake up, I see my body sliding across the ground/floor/terrain/etc, but I cannot get up no matter what I do.

I tried the logout/login method, but at that point, my character is basically wiped and I have to start on the coast as a fresh spawn.

It's gotten to the point that any time I get knocked unconscious, I just respawn because I know that's the only way I'll get to play again.

Not a game breaker for me, but would like to see this fixed.

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that's rigth... the body is sliding on the ground and can't take equipment and also dead occurs

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It happened the same thing after I killed a player. The corpse slided on the ground 'till it hit a shack an keep glitching there, but at least I've been able to loot.