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Headtorch displaced from crosshair
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The headtorch and the crosshair does not point at the some direction.
you cant look at something on the ground and get the light over it at the same time.


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You need to press spacebar to bring it up. It is probably holstered...I did the same thing for the first 30 min.

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No AGBenny12, it's a headtorch which is worn in the mask/helmet slot.

I've had the same issues, as the poster and find it isn't close to being as useful as the handheld torch.

If you set your crosshair 3m in front of you, the light will shine from 1m to 2m (estimates).

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When aiming while using headtorch, the light won't point in the right direction, the aiming zone will remain unlit, the light will point to the floor instead at where u aiming at.